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Dear John,                                            Reference Jaguar XKR - XK53 DAV


I would just like to take this opportunity to underline my satisfaction and appreciation for the work that you folks at Elite & Performance Jags have done for me over the past 6 month. Specifically the quality of the servicing and subsequent bodywork repairs and refinishing, were of the very highest order.


Indeed, normally after such work has been carried out, I discover little imperfections that cause me to ‘fret’. However, after some weeks of reflection and on-going critical inspection, I’m still as happy as when I first collected the car from you, on each occasion!


So my recommendation to all those ‘fussy-as-I-am’ Jaguar owners out there is...when an idiot runs into you, or you didn’t see that gatepost, or the car just needs to be brought back up to ‘new condition’ (inside, under-the-bonnet or outside), please trust my judgement and take a trip up to Elite & Performance Jags in Derby!


David Igham PhD

Dear John,


Nice to see you this morning with my XKR Jaguar repaired and re-tyred in record time.


Since coming to live at Breadsall Manor four year’s ago now your specialist Jaguar Garage has taken excellent care of my car and always on a value for money basis.


Please feel free to show this letter of commendation from a satisfied customer.


Kind regards and thanks,


Yours sincerely,


G Hinckley, OBE, DL

Dear John & Danny,


Subject: 2004 XK8 Coupe Upgrade


Just a quick note to express my appreciation and gratitude to you and your team for the professional standards of workmanship that you have demonstrated in performing the recent transformation of my tired-looking XK8 Coupe to what has now become a much admired and head-turning vehicle.


Despite the supply problems of the required Jaguar parts, the fact that you managed to source and obtain them from Germany, U.S.A & Japan and finish the upgrade on schedule speaks volumes for your contacts and professionalism.


As you are aware it was originally my intention to just upgrade the front end and sideskirts and have the Elite RR Exhaust system fitted but I am very happy that I took your advice and updated the rear end with 2005 model year bumper and spoiler and also had the lowered springs fitted.


The machine polishing performed by your Body Shop staff has ensured that the car looks showroom new and the new upgraded parts matches perfectly. Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to the Body Shop staff for a job well done!


Now that the new RR Exhaust system has matured after about 2000 miles of travel, the sound from the Quad Pipes is so amazing that I find myself switching off the in car music systems so that I can listen to and appreciate the exhaust note sounds.


Once again many thanks to you all for your hard work and enthusiasm and I would confirm that I will be recommending your Company and Services to all of my friends and acquaintances.


Yours sincerely,


Peter Hughes.

Having invested in a Jaguar XK8 3 years ago, I invariably wanted to maintain the car to a high standard. I was first introduced to EAPJ through a Jaguar enthusiast’s magazine where they received rave reviews. I now have all my maintenance, servicing & upgrades provided by EAPJ as their service is second to none. During the last three years EAPJ have transformed the car in both appearance & performance with extensive improvements & upgrades, inc: full sports exhaust, 20” BBS wheels, lowered suspension, front grill, internal chrome trims & zenon headlight conversion.

EAPJ isn’t simply a garage that specialises in Jaguar repairs and servicing, it’s a labour of love where a high quality of service promotes peace of mind!


Best regards


M Sanderson

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Dear Sir,


It was in 2005 that I first approached yourselves regarding attention to my 1990 XJR. I was on the point of giving up Jaguar ownership because I could not find anywhere who knew what they were doing and would take me seriously. An ongoing problem was not resolved by various garages, all of whom wanted enormous sums of money and achieved nothing.

A brief consultation with yourselves identified the problem and this was rectified with minimum cost. This was the reason I kept the car, and then had it serviced by yourselves. I was then able to enjoy my Jaguar fully and subsequently added to it so that I now have three XJ’s, an XJ40, X300 and X308!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for consistent high standards in maintaining and servicing my cars. Your ability to identify and remedy any problem, and particularly the advice as to preventative maintenance, has meant that I have never experienced a breakdown in all the time you have been maintaining my three Jaguars.

The fact that the newest of them is 9 years old and the oldest 19 years speaks for itself, many thanks


David Ward


Ray and myself are proud owners of a couple of S-Type Jaguars. Ray’s is a 2001 V6 3.0 petrol and mine is the 2005 2.7L diesel model. Both cars are running well at the moment, but it was’nt always the case. Ray bought his a good few months before me and started having problems with it, and as neither of us are “dealer orientated” he tried one or two places that seemed to have Jaguar knowledge to get things fixed, but some of the problems began to reappear, mainly because of computer software.


Ray started to subscribe to Jaguar World magazine where he found an advert for a Jaguar repair centre called Elite & performance Jags ltd. We went to see them and found a good clean building in a nice area just outside the city centre. Their workshops were also clean and well laid out. They only work on Jaguars, which includes bodies, painting and various kinds of modifications. The car was booked in to see if they could cure an ongoing problem with steering vibration. The fault was found at last and corrected. Both of our Jaguars have been into their centre for one reason or another over the last few months and have always come out running very well, even when the computer diagnostics have not been able to locate a specific fault.


Ray and myself have nothing but admiration for the staff at “Elite”. They are very knowledgeable, capable and easy to talk to. The workmanship and service is first class and above all the prices are very reasonable.


Ray Pickering and Ken Brown


The Roof Rack Centre




Thank you for your help with the recent problems on my car. I was impressed with how quickly Dan found the two faults. The car now runs better then ever and there is no longer a hesitation when accelerating. Why the numerous other garages have never been able to pick up this fault is beyond me. I have consulted two local Jaguar main dealers in the past and have never been impressed with their level of competence and service. I have been charged a lot of money in the past by these dealerships with extortionate hourly rates for work probably carried out by trainee mechanics. I would be more then happy to leave my vehicle with you and your staff and I would not hesitate in recommending EAPJ for any work be it mechanical, electrical or bodywork. I look forward to dealing with you again in the future (but hopefully not too soon).

Thank you again.


David Maltby


Dear Sir,


Thank you for your quick response in dealing with my car, the exemplary way in which your guidance and knowledge of Jaguar car’s made my decision  much more clear sighted, it put the Main Xxxxx Jaguar dealer in a different lower league.


I was impressed with the way I was invited into the garage for a personal view of the differential’s major oil leak which the Main Dealer had not rectified correctly and your options for repair including used warranted parts.


The work you carried out was done with efficiency at a cost that was affordable, the car is now running well and I am more than happy with the outcome.


I can recommend your service of high standards to all Jaguar lovers.


Well satisfied customer,

Mr B Spencer

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Now that I have got some miles under my belt I thought I’d write to give you some feedback on the improvements I am experiencing following the work you did in fitting of new springs and brace bars to my XK8.

It has totally transformed the driving experience. I now have much more confidence in the cars ability to get round corners without drama, cope with undulating road surfaces and odd camber changes, respond to steering inputs....I am now enjoying driving the car.

Before it was a case of “sweaty hands” as the car “rocked and rolled” round bends and ducked and dived under heavy braking.

The car is now planted on the road, the steering is more responsive, the ride is firmer but not jarring.

You were absolutely right, it was not necessary to change the shocks, or the bushes.

I can see that such an approach could have destroyed the ride.

What I now have is a stylish touring car that is comfortable to cover long distances in, but which can get me from A-Z on “B” roads in a calm, purposeful and enjoyable manner.


I should also say that I am really enjoying the fabulous soundtrack provided by the Larini cat back/quad exhaust system you fitted. Talk about awakening a sleeping giant! The V-8 now gives a rewarding roar under acceleration which never fails to bring a grin to my face.


Thanks John and Danny, great work.


Peter Morris

Good Morning.

I purchased an XK8 (alloy bodied car) a few weeks ago and I’m delighted apart from something missing, the sound!


I watched quite a few video’s on You Tube over a week or so and found yours sounded better than the others.


So on the strength of this I purchased one from a guy on the phone who was helpful and polite and bloody nice!

To me this makes such a difference dealing with someone who’s not rude or ignorant.


My pipe arrived and I had it fitted. My God! The video doesn’t do it justice, I grinned so much my face hurt!


It’s now one week on and I can’t keep out of the car, it’s Awesome, downshifting on paddle shift makes me giggle like a soppy School girl!


I cannot thank you enough for making my car sound how it should.




P. Colgate

Technical Service Department

Harrods, London

Hi John & Team,


Just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for the brilliant service provided today regarding my new performance rear box section. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey home, whilst caught in traffic jam on the M1 I even had a lorry driver shout out to me that it would make his day to hear me accelerate again. Noticed the difference immediately, the improvement in performance is very noticeable and the sound is just amazing. I cant stop smiling and I would highly recommend this change and your service to any other Jaguar owners.


Looking forward to doing business with you again,


Best regards

Anthony Mackintosh




Feedback for you....



The exhaust is fantastic quality and the price was accessible.

The noise is excellent and no resonating at all when cruising at any revs. Silent when cruising but a great noise at the right level on full chat. Fitting was straight forward albeit a little sanding required on one of the tail tips in order to slide snugly in to position. Plug and play.  


Very satisfied with the pre order customer service from you (as you made my mind up with no pressure) and EAPJ and the quality of the product delivered on my expectation.


Thanks John.


Richard  (X150 SPORTS REAR BOX)