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XJ & XJR Upgrades
Below are our most popular upgrades for all XJ/R, Performance, Chassis, Exterior, Interior, the description also contains the relevant information to ascertain if the upgrade is suitable for your model year of car, if you are uncertain or require a part which is not listed then please contact us. Roll over thumbnails for a larger image.
Performance Upgrades
Chassis Upgrades
Exterior Upgrades
Interior Upgrades

Elite RR sports catalysts, using a 200cell monolith for performance and longevity, 304 grade stainless, polished finish, twin lambda sensor bosses complete with blanking plug for single sensor fitments, improved gas flow gives increased performance, when combined with our sports exhausts they offer excellent increases in midrange torque.

They will fit all 1997-2002 XJ8/R, all have a large two bolt lower flange fitting, if they are not being fitted to our sports exhaust system then you may need to have a flange added to your existing systems centre silencer.

Carbon dynamic induction system, suitable for all XJ8/R 1997-2002, a real carbon fibre housing encloses a cone filter element which can be fed directly with cold air from the front of the vehicle, gives a throaty growl under acceleration on N/A models, performance gain of approx 10-15 bhp.

Performance ‘drop in’ air filter, ‘Green’ panel filter offers excellent flow and filtration and retains the factory air box for a stealthy look and simple fitment, only requires periodic washing and re-oil, reduced servicing costs. Fits all XJ8/R from 1997-2002

Modified lower pulley assembly, a billeted supercharger pulley is fitted to a modified crankshaft damper, supplied with longer supercharger drive belt, gives a 10% increase in supercharger speed - 30bhp+.

This is an exchange unit, we require your old pulley back for modification.

Suitable for all XJR’s 1997-2002. Also available for XJR6 1995-1996

Alloy supercharger pre rad, offers increased capacity by approx 250% and reduced intake temperatures, this in turns gives a better base for increasing performance with stable results due to lower heat soak/buildup.

Suitable for all XJR’s 1997-2002

Re-mapped engine management, using an advanced unichip system to alter the fueling and ignition timing in real time on a rolling road to obtain optimum settings, excellent for enhancing a collection of modifications, good gains are normally made in the midrange for increased acceleration and overtaking. Suitable for all XJ/R 1995-2007, dyno graph output supplied

We can supply a dyno graph for before and after comparisons, especially useful if having a lot of upgrades performed at once or to check your cars current output.

All dyno runs are carried out with respect to the vehicle, no abnormal loads are applied, it is effectively the same as exploiting your vehicles performance to the full on the road.


We advise vehicles be in good running order and properly serviced/maintained prior to any tuning work

Lowered suspension, available for all XJ8/R 1995 onwards, using progressive rate springs to give a drop of 30mm, offers enhanced looks and sharper handling, fitting includes geometry set up.

Powder coated calliper re-build, all callipers removed & stripped, shot blasted checked for damage, powder coated in Red, (other colours available) rebuilt using new genuine part seal kits, re fitted to vehicle including brake fluid change/bleed.


‘Jaguar’ artwork can be applied by means of high temperature vinyl if required at additional cost.


New brake pads and discs can be fitted at cost of parts only if carried out at the same time.

Alloy wheel refurbishment, we can refurbish all alloy wheels including split rim, wheels are stripped, acid dipped, checked for damage and then re-powder coated to original condition if not better!


Prices vary depending on size and single or two piece design.

3 ring dash set, cnc turned from aluminium tube, pre formed to fit the dash panels curvature, these can be polished to a near chrome like shine if desired or left as a matt aluminium finish

3 piece aluminium foot pedal set, brake and clutch pedals are curved to fit existing pedal contours, complete with fixings.

Interior wood panel upgrades, shown is our ‘midnight flake’ finish, deep rich black with plenty of sparkle in bright direct sunlight, not at all overt instead this gives a very stylish contemporary modern feel to the dashboard, we can also incorporate logos under the clear coat.

Other finishes available, virtually unlimited choice.

Supercharger boost gauge, anlogue gauge reading to 20psi of boost, we can custom make a gauge pod for mounting and trim this in leather to match existing interior trim if required.

Full Elite performance exhaust system, suitable for all XJ8/R from 1997-2002, made from 304 grade stainless steel throughout, mandrel bent for unrestricted gas flow, comes with all clamps and fittings, supplied with 4” squared off oval inwardly rolled tailpipes.

Gives approximately 25bhp gain.

Elite rear performance exhaust boxes, suitable for all XJ8/R from 1997-2002, made from 304 grade stainless steel throughout, mandrel bent for unrestricted gas flow, comes with all clamps and fittings, supplied with 4” squared off oval inwardly rolled tailpipes.

Gives approximately 8bhp gain.

Re-plumbed supercharger charge coolers, suitable for all XJR’s 1997-2002, this consists of stainless steel pipe work and brackets, samco silicone flex hosing, powder coated alloy swirl/header tank and all hose clamps.

A degree of modification is required to fit these parts including some cutting/machining to the supercharger top plate, please contact us if unsure.

Hi-Spec front brake upgrade, fits XJ 1995-2002, 6 pot aluminium callipers, 355mm by 32mm grooved discs, Ferrodo DS2500 pads

Rear kits also available

Callipers available in Red,Black,Silver & Chrome.

Stainless steel mesh grille inserts for the XJ8 1997-2002, gives your car the XJR look, simple fitment

Stainless steel mesh grille inserts for the XJ6/8 2003> give your car the XJR look, simple fitment.


Inc. Free fitting


Inc. Free fitting

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Supplied & fitted


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Supplied & fitted



Inc. Free fitting

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Supplied & fitted


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Supplied & fitted


Supplied & fitted


Supplied & fitted




Per Graph/Run

Supplied & fitted



Supplied & fitted



Supply only




Supply only




Supplied & fitted



Supply only


We require callipers sent to us removed from the vehicle

Supplied & fitted


Inc. Free fitting

Example for four

19” alloys

Supply only



Supply only



Supplied & fitted



Incl. Steering wheel sections



Gauge only



Gauge & Pod


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